Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time to Bust out the Holiday Spirit!

I LOVE the holidays! They are such a great time of year. Everyone is so cheery and there's lots of exciting things going on. Oh, and don't forget about eggnog...What a strangely, delicious drink. Christmas is a great time to bust out some vintage touches. Whether you're setting a table or making decorations, vintage makes everything better.

I love old books and book pages. Here's a couple great ways to put those old dusty pages to use:

These sweet little tags would be great name cards, or you could shoot to achieve best wrapper status by putting these gems on your presents.
I've always really enjoyed monochromatic design schemes. White and silvers are such an elegant combination for the holidays. 

 Old shutters make for a great way to showcase all your Christmas cards. I never like to throw them away, so this is an intersting way to put them on display.

Mason jars have been all over the wedding decor scene. Here's another use for those multi-functional little guys.
It's time to bust out the holiday spirit and enjoy the season!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Recently Lime Canary had the opportunity to work with designer, Joy Teiken, the creative mind behind clothing label, Joynoelle. Her work is whimsical, vintage inspired, and beautiful...All the things we LOVE! We worked with an amazing team (JoyAlyson Newquist EventsFlora BellaBrandon Werth Photography, Chelsey Paul Designs, and Wintercraft) to transform the Grand Cafe from neighborhood dining spot to a 20th century parlor to showcase her 2012 Caged Bird Collection. Check out some pictures from the show!


Brandon Werth Photography, Flora Bella Floral Arrangement

Brandon Werth Photography

Photos: Corey Tenold, L'etoile Magazine

Photos: Corey Tenold, L'etoile Magazine

Photos: Corey Tenold, L'etoile Magazine

Monday, November 14, 2011

Inventory Bonanza

Good Monday morning! We had a busy weekend doing some mad inventory photographing. Check out our Flickr page for lots of new things you never knew we had. Here's a couple of our favorite recent finds. Meet Bernard, Harrison, and George. Stay tuned for a post on some great ways to use these little buggers! 


Monday, November 7, 2011


Holy cats we can't believe it's already November! We had a great time this weekend at the Unveiled show! Unveiled is put on by the Wedding Guys, and debuted for the first time in Minneapolis. It's truly a bridal experience with tons of food, cake, venues, photographers, and much more to see.