Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Tale of Two Tables

What's shakin? We schlepped ourselves to the great state of Iowa this weekend to do some serious buying. Sadly, it wasn't as fruitful as we hoped. Boooooo! Have you ever noticed that when you are seriously looking for something you never find it, but when you have no intention of looking, it appears. I'm pretty sure it's an immutable law of the universe...or at least my universe.  

We did come away with a couple nice finds.  Meet Vladimir and Marilyn.  Vladimir is a rustic, dark harvest table with some serious character.  He extends to 84", and has some serious space for delicious desserts, gifts, or escort cards.  Marilyn is a sexy little number that harkens us back to old Hollywood.  She's got elegant curves and can seamlessly blend in in a rustic or elegant setting.


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