Friday, September 23, 2011

Got Milk...Glass?

We love milk glass! Creamy and dainty, it's great as a centerpiece and adds a charming vintage element to any event. Milk glass was first made in the 16th century in Venice, Italy and came in many different colors including pink, brown, blue, yellow, and of course, white. In the Gilded Age the pieces were incredibly intricate and are highly collectible. Milk glass had great popularity in the United States during the Great Depression. Depression era milk glass was distributed for free or at a very low cost. Some manufacturers even gave it away in food boxes or for simply coming into their business. With so many interesting shapes and patterns, milk glass is still highly collectible.  Why not rent some for your next event?

Amanda photo by Kara Schultz photo by Andi, In. and Dove Photography

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