Thursday, December 8, 2011

How Do you Use That? Card Catalogs

Hello, lovely people! We're starting a new column called How Do You Use That (HDYUT)? HDYUT will showcase awesome Lime Canary accessories, paired with creative ways to use them. First up...Card Catalogs! 

As we've mentioned before, we're ridiculously in love with these gems of the past. Their sweet little drawers are perfect for so many uses. Meet the Lime Canary Stars of the Week:


Now, onto some creative ways to use these guys...

...As great escort card holders and displays. I think guests feel a little nostalgic when they go to the drawers and find their name.
...As unique containers for floral arrangements. I love the elegance of beautiful peonies, roses, and ranunculus mixed with the rustic, institutional card catalogs

...As a creative way to house a "Candy Bar" or other guest favors.

Seriously, the uses for these little guys are endless! Let Lime Canary help you incorporate some vintage card catalog love into your next event! 

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