Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How Do You Use That? Bird Cages

Ahhhh the bird cage! These dainty little beauties aren't just for keeping canaries from flying away. They've hit the event scene and are real multi-taskers. We have lots of varieties available for rent. Big ones, small ones, black ones, white ones...You get the picture. You've seen them used as card holders many a time, but here are some other neat ways to put these lovelies to use.

Bird cages paired with beautiful florals make amazing centerpieces. These stunning designs were done by Lisa at Florabella. We're pretty sure she's a floral genius!
Flowers by Lisa from Florabella, Photo by Emma Freeman, Bird Cage from Lime Canary 

Bird cages make wonderful accents to event vignettes. Check out the bird cage perched atop the favor table.
Red Ribbon Studio and Lime Canary

Bird cages look very whimsical hanging above tables. Add some candles and hang over a dinner table to create instant ambiance.
Duet Weddings and Corbin Gurken Photography 

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