Monday, February 6, 2012

Vintage x 3 = Awesomeness

Hello friends! The world of vintage event decor is a big, big place. There are so many different ways you can use Lime Canary goods, and we just wanted to highlight a few different styles that we love. The great thing about making old new again, is that you can let your imagination run wild...Combine styles, invent your own style, whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with vintage decor!

Elegant Vintage- We love this style for it's incredible romanticism. Doesn't it make you swoon? Through the use of vintage glass, candlelight, and soft colors, you are able to create an absolutely flawless event.
Heather Park Photography via

Eclectic Vintage- This style is tons of fun! Throw in a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and it all comes together to create one occasion your guests won't forget. Stack our suitcases, use our mismatched chairs, create tablescapes with all of our accessories (think books, bird cages, clocks, milk glass, etc.). This style can sometimes be tricky to achieve on your own, so if you love it, but aren't sure how to do it...Give us a call! Our creative brains crave this sort of styling opportunity!
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 Natural Vintage- Vintage goodness paired with the beauty of nature is timeless! Adding vintage decor to your outdoor venue really adds some serious ambiance. There is something so magical about seeing a table in the middle of a field or a pair of doors flanking the entrance to an outdoor reception. It seems unexpected, yet completely perfect.

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 This is just a small sampling of the styles we love. Mix em', match' em, add your own elements. We're absolutely positive that you'll have one perfectly unique event!

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